Thank you for visiting my website. I am Katsuyuki Shinkawa
of owner of
I have kept my shop since 1987 which I have managed entirely alone.
It is everything from restore to the production of website and correspondence of the customer and so on.

Also since 2002 I have opened [scooters cafe] which is open on just weekend, more and more I became busy.

What my trouble is I don't have time to rest.It is often said that Japanese work hard and don't take rest, perhaps I am typical one.


My shop is strong in small VESPA.I have produced more than 1000, and the number of SMALL VESPA that I have restored is the largest among Japan.
If you would like to view, click below.
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Description is written in Japanese, but I think you can understand my work with just photos.
I'd like to introduce that there is my shop in the far east that restores
LAMBRETTA & VESPA seriously!

Also, I have been busy for works related Japanese magazine.


It is my shop which introduced 90SS and early 50S in Japan first.

Recently I have produced original photo book, and other works collaborated with musicians and artists I have done.

For me, it is joy to talk with people overseas who love scooter.